The 4th of July was a very busy time for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and they are hoping for the help of Utahns in the joint effort to keep waters free of the zebra and quagga mussels that are infesting the waters. Just like in Utah, anyone planning to go through Wyoming with a boat should plan to clean, drain and dry their boat before they get to the state. Wyoming will have a check station at the Evanston Port of Entry. Wyoming law also requires that all plugs and barriers to water be removed and remain open while the watercraft is being transported within the state. The departments responsible for keeping the waters clean are asking everyone’s help. Wes Gordon, Game and Fish Green River Regional AIS Specialist, “we know that there are plenty of boats that enter Wyoming and risk a citation by launching without an inspection. We cannot catch them all. Our best line of defense is to help boaters learn how to Clean, Drain and Dry their boats after every trip on the water. If boaters will take those simple steps, we can protect [our] waters. We’re happy to see more and more boaters every year with boats that are clean and dry, but we have a long way to go.”

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