The Vernal Regional Airport continues to hit exciting milestones. Administration recently learned that thanks to the 2018 numbers, the airport officially qualifies for an increase in FAA entitlement funds. For many years, the airport has qualified for $150,000 dollars in these funds annually but thanks to the increase in flights, those FAA entitlement funds will jump to one million dollars starting in October. The airport can continue to receive a million dollars annually, explains airport manager Doug Brown, as long as the airport has at least 10,000 outbound passengers each calendar year. So far in 2019, the airport has served 7000 outbound passengers and needs 3000 more by the end of the year to qualify for the funds in 2020. Brown is confident the airport will reach the 10,000 mark again this year as the airport has stayed busy. “July has been our busiest month this year as far as aircraft flying in and out of the airport,” explains Brown. “Summertime saw an increase in family travel and now with school about to start up, the scale will tip back towards more business travel.” As of Sunday, July 28th, the Vernal Regional Airport had a total of 14,038 incoming and outgoing passengers so far this year. Brown encourages all to continue utilizing the airport and recommends those interested to shop around in order to find some great deals on flights.