While most people are used to recognizing and shutting down phone scammers, a new scam is capable of rattling even the most hardened of call takers. Vernal Police shared on Thursday that there is a new scam area residents need to be aware of. “Calls are being made to citizens from a phone number coming from Mexico, and in the initial phase of the phone call a girl can be heard crying,” explains Vernal PD. “The girl then represents herself as the call takers child and tells the call taker that she had been taken or kidnapped and is in a van and does not know where she is. The call is then taken over by a male subject who explains that the child had seen something that she should not have and that they have taken her. The caller tells the call taker to go to an area bank and wants money to prove that the call taker will not go to the police. There are threats made to the call taker that the caller will rape and potentially kill the child if demands are not carried out as instructed.” Vernal Police advise any who receive this type of call to contact law enforcement and provide as much information as possible so it can hopefully be stopped. DO NOT give the scammer any money or information.