Van Tassell on Downturn

Senator Kevin Van Tassell was among the speakers at the Utah Petroleum Association’s Community Outreach Forum and Dinner held on Tuesday in Roosevelt. The evening focused on the state of the community as downturn in the oil and gas industry are felt Basin wide and efforts are being made towards recovery. Senator Van Tassell stated that the cost to the state of the current downturn in the oil and gas industry has been around $100 billion dollars. According to Van Tassell, the Governor’s Office and the state legislature are very concerned about the downturn and are committed to helping Basin communities recover. The oil and gas industry is in the crosshairs across the nation by those that support the Obama Administration’s policies. Many are of the opinion to keep it in the ground, shared Van Tassell, who joked that maybe we should do that for a week or two and see how people fare without it. Van Tassell also spoke about public lands issues.