Strawberry Reservoir is known for some good fishing and officials are asking for some volunteer hours in return. In fact, it is Utah’s most popular fishery receiving over 1.5 million angling hours annually. From the reservoirs humbling beginnings in 1913, Strawberry Reservoir held 283,000 acre-feet of water and has grown to its current maximum capacity of over 1.1 million acre-feet. There are four major fishing areas: Strawberry Basin, the Meadows, Soldier Creek Basin and the Narrows. The water exceeds water quality standards, and its tributary streams are an ideal spawning habitat. In fact, 60% of the cutthroats in the reservoir result from natural reproduction. Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources is asking all anglers that have fished Strawberry to take a short survey to help them revise their management plan for the fishery. A link to the survey is found on Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Facebook page.

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