The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is warning residents of Utah to be more aware of bears. In just the past month the Utah DWR has responded to more then 25 reports of bears getting into campsites.  DWR wildlife biologist Riley Peck warns that they “deal with nuisance bear calls every year, but this year, have received a much higher amount, …” One reason for the increase is a higher bear population and another is that 2018 was extremely dry. That would have lead to the bears hibernating a little longer followed by a wet spring to keep them hibernating longer. They are looking for some needed calories. If you live in the foothills or in the mountainous parts of the state, remove or secure items that attract bears including barbecue grills, pet food, pets, birdfeeders, compost piles and beehives. Be extra cautious in bear-proofing your camps.