Friday night lights will be on tomorrow at the Uintah Utes stadium. The 2019 Ute football team’s season opener will be against North Summit and all are invited to come cheer on the local team. “This game is an Endowment game,” shares a Uintah Athletics press release. “Each Varsity football team is allowed to ‘purchase’ an extra game during the season, usually the first week of games, and donate the ticket revenue to the UHSAA Endowment fund. Only varsity teams can play an Endowment game which is why we do not have any underclassmen games this week.” For those coming to cheer the Utes on it is important to note that they will not be accepting any passes except the UHSAA athletic passes to get into the game. Come see the Utes in action! Kickoff is tomorrow night at 7pm.

uintah utes.jpg