The following email was sent out this morning, Nov. 7, by Uintah School District Superintendent Mark Dockins to all Uintah School District employees:

Uintah School District Employees,

I want you to know that I will be moving into a different career opportunity. I have submitted my letter of resignation to the school board. I have accepted a position as the Vice President of Development at UBTECH starting in January 2020.

I am terribly sad to leave Uintah School District because you have become my family. I’m scared to start a new adventure after spending my entire adult life in K-12 education. However, I’m also extremely excited about this new adventure in higher education.

I have gained tremendous personal growth working with the educators in Uintah School District. You have mentored me, led me, befriended me and supported me during my career here. Many of you have helped to raise my children and taught them important lessons about what it means to have integrity, drive and tenacity in life. My family has felt the love and support from this educational community.

Thank you for your passion and love for children and education.

I am working with the board on a transition plan to ensure Uintah School District is able to move forward with the least amount of turmoil as possible.

I wish you all the very best.

Mark Dockins