Uintah School District has issued a statement on an alleged hazing incident involving members of the boys basketball team. The statement includes the following: “The coaching staff was made aware of the alleged violation during a recent tournament in Cedar City. The coaches take allegations like these seriously and immediately reported the situation to the high school administration. The administration conducted a thorough investigation and found that some individuals engaged in inappropriate conduct, but it did not constitute hazing and there was no malicious intent. Those who engaged in inappropriate conduct have been disciplined accordingly and the matter has been resolved at the school level. We thank those involved for their honesty and willingness to take responsibility for their behavior. Following the investigation, we have also taken several steps to further educate our student-athletes about the importance of appropriate behavior and conduct toward team members and classmates.” The District also shared that rumors about the alleged violations have been going around and reminds the community that spreading these rumors violates the privacy of all involved and “has the potential to harm student-athletes who did not engage in any inappropriate behavior.” The team’s behavior will continue to be monitored and any further violations will be addressed. No further information will be provided by Uintah School District at this time.