Uintah School District wants to remind students that if they are needing extra support  there is a tool available to help. SafeUT Crisis Chat and Tip Line provides statewide real-time crisis intervention for youth. It is a free confidential service provided by University of Utah Health. If you or someone you know needs to talk about depression, anxiety, other mental health issues, suicide prevention, loss and grief, bullying and cyberbullying, drug and alcohol problems, self-harm, relationship difficulties, or any life challenge, this service is open 24/7. If you are in need on your own behalf or someone else you know, just use the app or visit the website. SafeUT can perform an “active rescue” if a crisis counselor has an inclination that there is an immediate danger. The counselor will then alert emergency services so that there can be a face-to-face visit to evaluate the situation. Also, if the school needs to be involved, SafeUT will pass the needed information along. To download the app or learn more about it, head to the website: https://healthcare.utah.edu/uni/safe-ut/.