There are many awkward conversations we have with our children but some are very necessary. Body safety might seem like a difficult topic but in this modern age it is beyond necessary. The Uintah/Daggett Children’s Justice Center has shared five body safety rules every child should know by the age five. These rules include helping the children know that they are the boss of their body; If they are uncomfortable for any reason they do not need to be hugged, kissed or touched. Private parts are the parts covered by bathing suits and should not be looked at, touched, or be included in games. Private parts have proper names that are not weird or funny. No one should be asking to keep secrets, especially about private parts. Children should know five adults that they can talk to about any violations to the body safety rules. The Uintah/Daggett Children’s Justice Center offers Body Safety classes to help children and parents to further broach the subject.