While many have wisened up to the unfortunate reality that crooks and scammers are looking for easy opportunities, there are still plenty who need regular reminders. The Uintah County Sheriff’s Office has several tips for the holiday season when it’s easy to become complacent amid the hustle and bustle. “Please be sure you’re doing your online shopping on reputable websites to protect your credit card [and] bank information from scammers and thieves,” shares the Sheriff’s Office. “If you’re having packages delivered but won’t be home, arrange to have them delivered to a safe location or have the delivery company hold them for pick up. Also, watch out for your neighbors. If you see someone you don’t recognize rolling through your neighborhood picking up packages off porches, call Central Dispatch and report it immediately. Always lock your vehicles and don’t leave valuables in them overnight. Finally be aware of your surroundings when you’re out and about so that you can spot potential hazards before they cause trouble for you or those around you.” The Uintah County Sheriff’s Office hopes everyone has a safe and happy Christmas season!