‘America’s Top Dog’ premiered last night on A&E and even if you missed it you’ll want to tune in to Episode 4 set to air later this month. Uintah County Sheriff’s K9 Riddick and his handler deputy Amy Leishman will make their television debut on January 29th.In each episode, four teams of top police K9s and one civilian ‘underdog,’ along with their handlers, compete through a massive, three-round obstacle course that challenges their unique set of skills,” explains the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office. “From chasing down suspects and delivering a takedown bite to tracking scents and leaping over walls, the competitors must draw on every aspect of their training and the strong bond and trust between dog and handler. When constructing an obstacle course for these talented teams, the show creators worked with the LAPD and top experts to make sure that the course was safe and fun for dogs and their handlers, but still offered an intense challenge.” Tune in to watch Amy and Riddick compete on A&E January 29th at 7pm