A favorite feature in the children’s section of the Uintah County Library has been retired as a safety measure. Changes started on the children’s section last summer with the addition of a glass wall on the east side to contain the noise that often accompanies the children’s area. This fall, the children’s librarian desk was moved from the center of the children’s area to the main entrance/exit and shelves began to be rearranged. The most recent change may get more of a reaction from the public as the iconic oversized letters secured to the wall have been removed and the wall has been repaired to a plain clean slate. “Sadly the letters weren’t holding up well to the demands of over 250,000 visits a year and were becoming a safety issue,” shares the library. “We’re sad but super excited for what’s coming.” The storytime area that used to be next to the ‘Read’ letters is now being moved into the more private room attached to the children’s area. To see the changes for yourself make a visit to the Uintah County Library!