Don’t let cold weather keep you from enjoying Halloween activities! The Halloween Mayor’s Walk held each year outside the Uintah Community Center is moving to Plan B with the arrival of cold, snowy weather. “The trick or treating will be held inside, upstairs, along the track,” shares Uintah Recreation District. “You will enter through the front and make your way upstairs. The carnival will still be held in the gymnasium. Please note that there won’t be enough room upstairs to accommodate strollers, but we will have stroller parking available when you enter the building. And those that need assistance will be able to use the elevator to get upstairs.” The Mayor’s Walk starts at 4pm on Thursday and the carnival goes until 7pm. The Hotel Vernal Haunt is also making accommodations for their last three nights. Usually the line for the haunt is outside but event organizers announced that they are working to move everything inside and that there will even be hot items available for sale. The final three nights are tonight (Wednesday), Thursday, and Friday. Visit for information.