Cancer is a disease that takes a tremendous toll on individuals and families. Being a rural location can add excessive burdens of travel and expense in that battle. Uintah Basin Healthcare has recently announced the Cancer Care and Infusion Services, a new offering that could make treatment a little easier for local families affected by cancer. At the heart of the Cancer Care and Infusion Services is a new TeleHealth partnership with Intermountain Healthcare. What this means is that there is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week connection to Derrick S. Haslem, MD, and his team of oncology specialists. Jim Marshall, President & CEO of Uintah Basin Healthcare explains: “When considering the best partnership to provide access to oncology services for our cancer patients, it was clear that Intermountain Healthcare’s TeleHealth Oncology Program provides our patients access to the largest, most in-depth network of leading cancer specialists in Utah without needing to leave the Basin. Their team of oncologists and advanced treatment techniques produce medical outcomes significantly better than the national average. As a local non-profit organization, it is important to us to make the right investments in strategic partnerships to ensure access to the very best healthcare for our communities.” Through high-definition cameras, monitors, and audio equipment patients and doctors can connect with Dr. Haslem, who has a local connection, having been born and raised in the Uintah Basin. “I have a personal connection to this partnership and a dedication to the success of this program,” shares Dr. Haslem. “Had this program been in place during my family member’s recent cancer journey, the majority of their treatments and associated testing could have been performed here in the Basin. We understand that time at home, with family and loved ones during oncology treatment is simply priceless. People feel better and do better. Our goal and vision is to ensure that patients get the highest quality cancer care close to home and as convenient as possible.”  If you wish to learn more, call the UBMC’s Oncology Team at