It has been a great year for Uintah Basin Technical College and it was topped off with a great Christmas gift. The ‘You Got This’ (YGT) foundation is an organization that is focused on suicide prevention. They customize systems based on the idea that connection is the best prevention. Just over a year ago the foundation committed to donate $20,000 over a ten year period to help UBTech provide scholarships in support of basic skills training. Since 2018, the YGT scholarship has helped fifty students. Just in time for Christmas, the president of the YGT foundation, Chris Anderton, surprised UBTech by doubling their scholarship to $40,000 over the next 10 years. Chris says, “The results are amazing, we are pleased with the number of students we have helped. We believe by doubling our contribution, we’ll be able to help even more students benefit from the gift of an education. UBTech has shown a tremendous return on our investment. Why wouldn’t we want to continue to support an organization that is doing such a good job with those dollars?” Way to go UBTech on making a positive difference.