The Uintah Basin in Celebration is going strong throughout the week. Many of the pageants are complete, defining the faces for the 2019-2020 Basin royalty. Miss Uintah Basin is Lynlee Labrum with the first attendant being Aspen Sims. The Outstanding Teen winner is Britney Ivie. Her attendants are Olivia Hawkes as 1st and Jacobi Christensen as 2nd. Mr. UBIC is Mason Eldredge with Jeffrey Merrell as 1st attendant and
Taylor Hawkins
as 2nd attendant. The UBIC Native American Royalty court has JaNik Murray as Miss Native American UBIC and Hannah Kenneth as the Junior Miss Native American UBIC. The Little Miss Native American UBIC is Tigerlily Loneman. Rounding out the court is the UBIC Native American Tiny-Tot Princess Taya Angel, the UBIC Native American Little Brave Raiden Sam and UBIC Native American Tiny-Tot Brave Redtail Martinez. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all those that participated, for sharing your talents, desires and ambitions with the Basin.