Ute Tribal Enterprises has announced a new special holiday tradition they plan to make an annual event. “This year, Ute Tribal Enterprises, LLC, is planning a tree lighting ceremony outside of the Ute Plaza to provide families with the opportunity to come together and remember and honor their departed loved ones,” shares the event announcement. “They will be able to join with other families who are also facing this holiday season without someone special. This event was requested by a Ute Elder in the hope that the Ute Indian Tribe can help the community combat the loss and grieving that residents have experienced with the passing of loved ones. Folks that are going through the mourning process can include their departed loved ones in this holiday celebration at this time of remembrance.” Those that attend are invited to make an ornament, wreath, or decoration in honor of the person lost and then come and place it on the tree. They plan to use a 30-foot spruce tree from Uintah Canyon provided by BIA Forestry and Wildlife Management. The event will be held on Thursday, November 29th, starting at 5:30pm south of Ute Plaza Grocery. All are invited to attend and remember their loved ones they are missing during the holiday season.