It is crazy to think about but for several Utah archery hunters, bull elk and buck mule deer hunts
start Saturday, August 17th.
While not as common as firearms injuries, the Division of Wildlife Resources has tips to keep archery hunters safe. Remember the basics, like know your target, know what is beyond, and don’t leave arrows uncovered. If using a tree stand be sure to check the stands weight so that it will support your weight and your equipment’s weight. Secure yourself before climbing a tree. RaLynne Takeda, hunter education program manager for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, says “before you start climbing, attach a  safety harness, also called a fall arrest system, to yourself and the tree. Keep it attached until you’re on the ground again.” Never climb the tree with your equipment, instead haul it up with a line after you climb up. For those that hunt on land managed by the U.S. Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management remember that it is illegal to build a tree stand so use a portable stand.