Many of the lifeguards that serve at the Roosevelt Aquatic Center are teenagers enjoying their first job. Even though that might be the case, the job of lifeguard is a serious matter. To help illustrate the point, the Roosevelt Aquatic Center had emergency response personnel meet with the lifeguards on Friday, July 26th to work together and practice in-water rescues that could end with ambulance calls. They practiced different scenarios that mixed water rescues, interaction with 9-1-1 dispatch, lifesaving procedures, and coordinating with EMS personnel. “We can do most everything on sight that they can do in the emergency room,” shares EMS Director Von Johnson. “We’ve actually found that outcomes are better for patients if we stay on the scene and keep working until we get a response before we take the patient to the hospital.” That can mean that the lifeguards will work alongside EMTs for 40 minutes to an hour, with the exception being small children that will be rushed to the hospital. These yearly trainings help EMTs and lifeguards learn how to work together in case of a real emergency.

public.jpeg public.jpeg Images from roosevelt aquatic center facebook page

Images from roosevelt aquatic center facebook page