Much like northeastern Utah, many are enjoying time hunting in neighboring Colorado mountains. On Saturday the 19th, a hunter who was part of a camp in Rio Blanco County at Ripple Creek flagged down a Deputy for help, reporting that a 78-year-old male with dementia had walked away from camp in the early morning hours without any shoes or a hunting rifle and with no provisions. “Search and Rescue responded, along with a Search and Rescue dog to help track,” shares the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office. “Classic Lifeguard helicopter also responded to fly and help locate the gentleman. Responders were able to track him a ways, called in the coordinates of the last tracks they found and the helicopter spotted him quickly over the rise of the mountain based off those coordinates.” Thankfully, this Search and Rescue operation had a positive outcome and the 78-year-old man will be okay. The Sheriff’s Office thanked all the volunteers and the great teamwork by all the responders.