All play an important role in snow removal during and after winter storms. Roosevelt City has shared information to help citizens manage their snow removal properly and effectively. Do not pile snow in front of or around fire hydrants. Piles of snow quickly turn to ice, making it impossible for firefighters to access the hydrant in an emergency. Remember to move all vehicles off the road on snowy days so that plows can get through and do their job. Do not push snow from the driveway or sidewalk into the street. Snow should be piled in your own yard or property and never pushed into roadways. Vernal City has echoed similar guidelines sharing that residents and businesses need to remove snow on adjacent sidewalks and away from fire hydrants as well as remove vehicles, trailers, and trash containers from the roadways so snow crews can scrape the snow thoroughly and effectively. Another thing to keep in mind is Vernal City often receives requests for the city workers to clear individual driveway entrances but with over 2,000 driveways in the city, clearing individual driveways is not possible with the City’s limited resources. The clearing of driveways and sidewalks is the responsibility of the homeowner or renter.