The Rotary Club is up to their annual tradition of putting smiles on the faces of every local third grader while fulfilling their mission of promoting literacy. For the last two weeks, the Rotarians have visited 3rd grade classrooms to hand delivery special dictionaries, one for each student to personally keep. “At this age, the kids are starting to understand reading and have a spark of wanting to know new things,” shares participating Rotarian Cindy Spurlock. “For some students this is the first book they have owned. We have even talked with high school kids that still have and love their dictionaries they received from us when they were in 3rd grade.” The local Rotary club has delivered between 600 and 900 dictionaries every year since 2004. They deliver to every third grade class in Uintah County, Daggett County, and Rangely, Colorado; Originally they also delivered in Duchesne County and Meeker, Colorado before those areas became serviced by their own clubs. One of the favorite things for the Rotarians to do on their visits is to show the excited students that their gift is much more than a basic dictionary. These dictionaries are packed full of tools including information on states, the Presidents, a copy of the constitution, the periodic table, times tables, interesting facts, and much more. This amazing group of service oriented community members will be making deliveri

Pes to local classrooms through the first part of October. 

Photo credit: Rotary Club