Joining forces with the Vernal Christian Church, the Rotary Club literally helped “share the warmth” with community members over the weekend. After a month long coat drive, anyone in need of a winter coat was invited to the Vernal Christian Church on Saturday to pick out free winter gear. Rotarian Carl Dieckmann estimates that around 300 coats were given out, mostly to young kids. “We had $14,000 dollars worth of coats donated from Sportsman Warehouse as well as other amazing donors and probably gave out around $22,000 dollars worth of coats,” shares Dieckmann, who served as the event Chairman. The wonderful volunteers of the Vernal Christian Church were also happy to give back and see community members receive much needed coats. They are also happy to help anyone still in need of a winter coat. The Rotary Club is now moving on to their next project. They are gearing up for “Santa’s Community Effort” which is a supplemental Christmas program for children that are 0 to 16 years of age. For those that are looking for a little extra help with gifts for their kids this Christmas, please ask for an application at the service desk at Davis Food and Drug. All applications are due November 21st.    

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