Questions and community outcry have been present since word spread in April 2018 of serious claims of a sexting ring taking place primarily between Union High School student. In April of 2019, a year after the case began, Roosevelt Police Chief Rick Harrison reported that the sexting case was complete and that four juveniles had been referred for juvenile court. While specifics of the case are not the focus, Roosevelt City came a long way on Friday as an example of transparency by providing documents related to the investigation into the police handling of the sexting case. Citizens concerns were peaked after questions about the handling of the case were highlighted in multiple media reports in 2018 and, as a result, Roosevelt City Manager Ryan Snow commissioned an independent external investigation into the police department’s handling of the case in early 2019. Moab Police Chief James M. Winder was selected to conduct the investigation and spent months investigating and compiling a report of his findings. While not considered the final draft, the City has used the findings to proactively make updates to ambiguous policies and implement changes to address identified problems. Earlier this month, Roosevelt City Council received the full draft of Winder’s report and Roosevelt City has now chosen to release those documents to the public as well. As soon as a final report is available, it will also be made public. “We have a culture of progress, not perfection,” shares City Manager Ryan Snow. “We’re committed to making continual progress and we actively seek out opportunities to improve. We ask that you read and understand this release of information as we share the truth and show that we learn from our mistakes. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you.” The documents, which include the full draft report, executive summary of findings, and supporting documents, are available through

. Click on ‘City Policy Improvements 2019’ under the ‘Residents’ tab.