The USU Uintah Basin Bingham Research Center has issued an ozone alert for this Friday. Ozone in the Uintah Basin is likely to exceed the National Ambient Air Quality Standard of 70 parts per billion on January 10th. “The Uintah Basin received significant snowfall during the Christmas Holiday week,” shares Research Center Director Dr. Seth Lyman. “ Since then, a persistent inversion layer has settled in and been fairly consistent, and the majority of the Basin is still covered with snow. Ozone has gradually built up, although quite slowly, and as of now has approximated 60 ppb (8-hr average) at several monitoring sites.” He continues to explain that overcast conditions may hinder ozone build-up but on Friday sunny weather is forecasted making it likely that ozone will then exceed the National standard, though by a small margin. Its expected that over the weekend and into next week the ozone will decrease. Those that are interested in more information can visit