Opioids and heroin are an epidemic problem even in the Uintah Basin. It is such a problem that the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Police Academy and the Division of Drug Enforcement will be holding an Opioid/Heroin Awareness Community Outreach meeting entitled Opioids/Heroin in Indian Country. The meeting will present information on the opioid/heroin trends that they are seeing around the country that might affect the indian reservations in the future. Some other topics to be discussed are ways to identify opioids/heroin drugs and the effects thereof, specifically Fentanyl and the causes of overdoses, how to combat the drugs on a community level, and how to investigate and prosecute such drug cases. The Division of Drug Enforcement would also like to hear from attendees to share trends that they are seeing in specific areas. Community members, tribal employees, community stakeholders and law enforcement staff should plan to attend the seminar on January 14th at 10am and 2pm. If you have any questions contact the United States Indian Police Academy at 505-563-3800.