A new option for hunting elk is available in Utah. The Division of Wildlife Resources is
getting the word out: Private­lands­only permits are intended to push elk off private
property and back onto public land, thus making hunting on public land better in the
future. DWR also emphasizes that this new effort is also aimed at getting the state’s elk
population back within the levels outlined in the state’s elk management plan. “We need
to ‘retrain’ elk to stay on public land by limiting the refuge areas they have on private
property,” shares DWR Big Game Coordinator Justin Shannon. “Providing private
landowners with additional tools, to help control elk on their property, is the key to
making that happen.” The Private­lands­only permits are available on 15 units in the
state. Hunters wishing to hunt on other private property must obtain written permission
from the property owner first before purchasing the private­lands­only permit. For more
information, visit www.wildlife.utah.gov.