For 15 years now the Moon family of Jensen has generously shared their talents with the Uintah Basin through the creation of epic gingerbread displays and this year’s creation is now on display. Some of themes considered were Never Ending Story, Princess Bride and Alice in Wonderland but in the end the Moon family settled on ‘The Hobbit: There and Back Again.’ The final creation has around 80 pounds of dough and took the whole month of November to complete. Such a creation isn’t without its frustration. Stephen Moon relates how he had finished making all the trees for the Out of the Frying Pan scene when screams, crashes, and a very scared cat left all the trees reduced to shards. Feeling dejected, he was having a hard time finding the ambition to remake them. When his 6-year-old son Matthew came home, he was upset and went about remaking the trees all by himself and did a fantastic job. Another addition to the creation this year is a new display case that was made by Sabrina Moon. The Moon’s had been placing their creations behind plexiglass after several pieces of the Winnie the Pooh display went missing years back but decided this year to upgrade to a dedicated display case. The Hobbit display is now open for public viewing at the Roosevelt Branch Library.