The International Dark Sky Association has certified more than 120 places as dark skies across six continents for a combined 34,700 square miles. That is about .06% percent of the land of the earth so having an area designated as a dark sky place is worth celebrating. Dinosaur National Monument received their dark sky status in April this year. The certification is a distinction highlighting efforts to control light pollution and enhance the night’s sky. Dinosaur National Monument is ready to get the party started with an annual Dark Skies Over Dinosaur astronomy festival. It will be a five day event with activities throughout the day and into the night in both Colorado and Utah. Some of the activities include Astro Ranger programs, solar viewing, ranger talks, stargazing with telescopes, and two screenings of the documentary Saving the Dark. All events are free but the regular entrance fees to the park still apply. For the full schedule, visit or call 435-781-7701.