Senator Mitt Romney held a town hall meeting in Vernal on Tuesday and beforehand made a stop in the NewsTalk KVEL radio studio for an interview on topics of local significance. On the topic of public lands Romney explained that he would like to see the state get control of all federal lands with few exceptions. What is more realistic in the meantime, however, is getting legislation passed that would provide for more state management of the public lands, explained Romney. Another hot topic discussed was gun control. Senator Romney expressed his belief that focusing on improving a federal background check database would be something appropriate to do on a federal level but that legislation to see improvements of public safety would be best carried out on a state level because of the many differing views in the country. Finally, when asked how he felt about the transportation limitations in the Uintah Basin Senator Romney emphasized that he understands the need to get products, particularly oil, to a broader market. He said if all the appropriate approvals are given and if the people of the Uintah Basin want a rail, he would certainly support it.