Some people love to get outside and run. However even these people might call those that showed up at McCoy Flats Trailhead on Saturday a little crazy. Well, crazy but dang tough! The Uintah Recreation District hosted a new event that they called the ‘McCoy Flats Death Race’. The point of the race is for participants to run a 4 mile course every hour until there is a winner. If you can’t start the next hour, either from exhaustion or because you’re still running the previous leg, then you’re out. The fun kicked off
at 6am
with 87 participants and ran 10 rounds for a total of over 40 miles! That’s 10 hours of running. It was a true test of endurance as temperatures got to 96 degrees. Casey Mckee was named this year’s winner with Kenny Searle awarded second place and Shannon Black with third.