Rebel rousing may not be typical of Utahns but that didn’t stop Utah’s delegates at the Republican National Convention from having their voices heard this week. Senator Mike Lee led the fight for a roll call vote as Utah delegates sought to cast their votes for Ted Cruz, the state’s overwhelming winner in the caucus election in March. Regardless, the state’s 40 delegate votes went to Donald Trump due to a state party rule that prevents delegate votes from supporting a candidate no longer in the race. Vernal’s own Jessica Dofelmire, the youngest Utah Alternate Delegate, has been actively involved in the events at this week’s National GOP Convention. “Utah is incredibly well represented by the likes of Chairman James Evans, Senator Mike Lee, Congressman Rob Bishop and Phil Wright,” shares Dofelmire. “They are true patriots fighting for our constitutional rights. It is truly an honor to serve alongside them. The vote represents the will of the American people and Donald Trump will be our nominee. For better or for worse.” Dofelmire also expressed sincere thanks for the support she has received from the Basin community. “I’ve never met more generous, loving and principled people,” says Dofelmire. “Thank you for sending me on this journey!”