VERNAL, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Professors at USU Uintah Basin, Vernal Campus pride themselves on offering students hand on experience. ABC4 visits a local radio station where the students and professor take their course work live on-air.

A live radio booth turned classroom.

“KVEL together with USU has developed a special program to promote healthy lifestyles within our marriages and the family.”

USU Uintah Basin Vernal Campus, non-traditional, second year student Sheree Meyer shines on the broadcast.

“I need him to just listen. Just let me cry on your shoulder. I may just need you to just hold me,” said Meyer.

But her trip didn’t start with dreams of being a radio personality. Sheree dedicated her life to her family. Now she’s a student thanks to her son’s encouragement.

“He said mom you have spent your life doing everything for us and you have been amazing at helping our family and supporting dad. He said this is important and you need to do this for you. He said its time, ” said Meyer.

So Sheree now majors in family consumer and human development.

“I can actually take what I’m learning in school and bring it and apply it to this radio,” said Meyer.

Associate Professor David Law says the conversation is not solely based on opinion or personal experience

“In the course work we try to keep the information very scientifically based with the latest research that supports the ideas we’re saying,” said Law.

After four years, the recipe seems to be working.

Now the class is taking it a step further, using the radio show to collect data for a research project on parenting.

“We’re going to have our parents listen to it on the radio and they will also be in a study. they will fill out some assessments to look at their relationships with their own children, their confidence they feel as a parents and their child’s mis-behavior,” said Law.

Spring semester focuses on parenting. Fall semester, right now, is all about marriage.

For Sheree, it’s the perfect mix between education and practical use. Her vision of providing family and marriage therapy comes to life on the airwaves.

“I would love to continue in a form like this. That’s something I’ve learned too.” said Meyer.

Students can get involved in the radio station or other projects early on in their collegiate career.

Law says they’ll continue the program as long as they continue to get great feedback from the community. The show airs every Thursday morning from 9 to 10 on KVEL 920 a.m.

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