Internet safety is an important topic for users of ALL ages. This week, local web and tech guru Ted Munford and TriCounty Health educator Jeramie Tubbs visited the Evans Family Media studios for the KVEL Monday Radio Forum to discuss internet safety and what community members need to know. First, parents need to be educating children and teens on internet safety and follow that up by proactively monitoring use on devices. “If people understood just what their kids can be exposed to, they wouldn’t have any problem checking up on what their kids are using devices for,” shares Munford. Tubbs agrees, emphasizing that computers need to be in public places, parents should have passwords, and make sure to have real conversations about topics that are often uncomfortable. When it comes to pornography, Tubbs says kids as young as 8 years old are starting down that path that is incredibly damaging to the brain making it critical for parents to monitor social platforms. In addition, Munford says sexting is a growing problem. Even if you believe something you shared will be kept private, Munford says the reality is it is “like feathers in the wind and cannot be gathered back.” Adults may understand that pornography is fake, shares Munford, but a kid would not know that and in the end that fake fantasy world messes up reality. The pair also offered some internet safety warnings concerning ongoing scams. Scammers often use scare tactics to pressure a victim into doing what they want. Also be aware that facebook friend requests are often scammers looking to gather your private information for their gain. Whatever the aspect, all internet users of all ages need to be cautious and realize there is no real privacy on the internet.