Duchesne County Chamber of Commerce announced that the Holly Fair will be
Friday, November 1st
Saturday, November 2nd
this year. It should be a great event but vendors interested in showcasing their products should know a couple of things. There are not any openings for new vendors at the Crossroads Center unfortunately. If you happened to be a vendor for the past three years there will be a spot at the Crossroads. That being said there will be four locations to reserve a vendor spot. For the Grace Event Center, contact Lori Winterton at


. The USU building has been a longtime favorite destination and a spot can be reserved with Katie at


. There is a spot in the basement of the back of the Strata Building that can be reserved by contacting Janet Row at


. And last, but not least, is the Frontier Grill. This was a popular spot because of the food that could be enjoyed. Call Jennifer


. Duchesne County chamber of commerce Facebook page

Duchesne County chamber of commerce Facebook page