Another organization is looking out for single moms pursuing higher education. The Stella H. Oaks Foundation has committed to donate a total of $75,000 dollars, split up over 5 years, to the UBTech Foundation to assist single mothers with expenses as they obtain an education. Officials from the Oaks Foundation were pleased to learn of the scholarships already offered to single mothers through Allred’s Landscaping and were happy to further support the cause. To qualify, a single mother must have children under age 18 living with her and be enrolled in a UBTech educational program. The scholarship can assist with costs beyond tuition and supplies. Stella H. Oaks was a single mother who raised three children and was a teacher in Vernal in the early 1940s. “This is a very meaningful partnership,” says UBTech President, Aaron K. Weight. “This

scholarship removes financial hurdles for single mothers and makes it possible for them to attend UBTech. A program certificate provides employment opportunities and increased earning potential in all career fields. We’re pleased that the Stella H. Oaks Foundation sees the quality of education and training at UBTech and has chosen us to help fulfill their mission.” Those interested in applying are encouraged to call 435-722-6900 and set up an appointment with a student success officer.