It was 18 years ago that attacks changed the United States and 17 years since we have vowed to never forget. As Patriot Day, the anniversary of 9/11, Governor Gary Herbert has reminded the residents of Utah of that vow by ordering the lowering of the United States of America flag and the State of Utah flag. All state facilities and public grounds will fly their flags at half-staff from sunrise to sunset. All individuals and businesses are encouraged to do the same. Governor Herbert states, “Eighteen years ago, we faced the deadliest attack to ever take place on United States soil. In spite of the great tragedy that took place that day, we came together as a country — in love, in hope, and in resilience. May we always remember those who were lost in these senseless acts of terrorism, and the first responders and everyday heroes who risked and gave their lives on behalf of others. May we never forget.”