13 years ago on November 21st, Uintah County Detective Cpl. Kevin Orr was in a helicopter accident while assisting with a search for a missing woman. The next day, November 22nd, 2006, Orr passed away as a result of his injuries, leaving behind a wife and young family. As they have done countless times before, Orr’s now grown daughter Jessica Anderson and her husband Donovan visited the cemetery on Thursday evening, planning on a quiet visit to remember her dad. Instead, they were greeted by the Patriot Riders and a gathering of officers and others all there to remember Kevin Orr, organized by a friend who takes time to remember fallen officers and their families. “I’m thankful for the people that showed up today,” shares Jessica. “I’m thankful for Elli Mathews(Elizabeth Mathews) for organizing this to surprise me in memory of my dad. But, I’m the most thankful for my dad. For his life, his example and for the way he lived. He isn’t my hero because of how he died, but because of the way he lived his life every day. I can’t wait until I get to see him again.” The Uintah County Sheriff’s Office was among those who remembered Orr and his family on this anniversary sharing that they “pay tribute to Kevin’s family today for the tremendous loss they experienced and the sacrifices they continue to make as a result of their loss. Like Kevin, they will always be part of our sheriff’s office family.”

Photo credit:  Elli Mathews