The Division of Wildlife Resources and Utah Department of Transportation worked together in 2019 to create more wildlife crossings across Utah roadways, including one over Highway 40 north of Strawberry Reservoir. Around 6,300 deer and elk were confirmed killed in vehicle collisions in 2019, though the actual number is believed to be much higher. “Deer typically follow the same migration routes every year,” shares DWR migration initiative coordinator Daniel Olson. “Many of those routes include crossing roadways, and the deer will often cross regardless of traffic. However, putting up fences can limit the migration opportunities for deer and other wildlife, and it’s not possible to fence every stretch of highway across the state. So it is important to ensure the passage of wildlife in these areas through the installation of properly placed wildlife crossings.” Officials say that properly placed crossing structures and fencing reduce wildlife/vehicle collisions by 90 percent. Construction is well along its way on the culvert underpass and wildlife fencing along Highway 40 near milepost 35 north of Strawberry Reservoir. Its construction is scheduled to be complete in the spring of 2020.