Three mountain lions were spotted in a person’s backyard in a Wasatch Front neighborhood. In response, Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources wants to remind the public about cougar safety, especially since cougars live all across Utah. Adult cougars tend to weigh 90 to 200 pounds and prey mainly on deer. However, they will eat elk, antelope, small mammals, birds, and whatever they can get. Some ways to prevent a run in with a cougar while in the wilderness include never hike or jog alone, travel in groups keeping everyone together and make noise while hiking to alert cougars to your presence. If you find a dead animal leave the area immediately since cougars return to their kills. While camping, keep the area clean and be sure to store food and garbage in trees or locked containers. For safety around your homes, reduces hiding places by trimming vegetation and removing woodpiles. Think about installing outside and motion sensitive lighting. Also bring pets and livestock inside at night or secure them in a barn. Always be present when children are outside, especially at dawn and dusk.