The push continues to prevent the spread of Quagga Mussels in the state of Utah. Over Pioneer Day weekend, law enforcement officers, biologists and other officials stopped and inspected thousands of boats at checkpoints in the state of Utah, including at checkpoints in and around the Uintah Basin. A total of 5,892 boats were inspected and citations were issued. “We’d like to remind everyone that this is an issue that affects every Utahn — not just boaters,” shares DWR operations lieutenant Scott Dalebout. “Everyone who uses water and electricity will be impacted if this aquatic invasive species gets into Utah’s water infrastructure and pipelines. We need everyone to understand why quagga mussels pose a threat so they can help their friends and family members comply with these inspections.” Quagga mussels are present and a growing problem in Lake Powell which has prompted the tightening down statewide.