In an effort to encourage residents in Duchesne County to rid the landscape of junk vehicles, the Duchesne County Community Development Department came up with a unique solution: the Duchesne County Junk Vehicle Contest. For every junk vehicle that is hauled away, ten dollars is placed in a prize fund. After a certain amount of vehicles are collected a drawing happens and money is dispensed. Each collection is called a phase and the county just finished phase 8 with five prizes awarded. So far a total of 1,514 junk cars have been removed and $15,140 dollars given out as prize money. Residents of Duchesne County that are interested in taking part in Phase 9 can call a local towing or wreckage company to arrange to have their junk vehicle(s) removed. The resident can then submit a vehicle removal certification form to the Development Department to be entered. The next drawing will not take place until at least 100 vehicles are collected. If you have any questions, call 435-738-1151.