For all those who are wanting to hunt this fall be sure to get registered for your Utah Hunter Education Program. Any person born after December 31, 1965 is obligated to complete the state-offered hunter education class. There are two ways to take the course. The first is to attend the instructor-led course that is held in a classroom. Be sure to purchase the $10 dollars Registration Certificate at any Division of Wildlife Resources office or a license agent. Then get on the DWR website to get the contact information of the nearest instructors. Class will vary but typically it is two nights a week for three or four weeks. After you finish the lessons, you will need to go to the range and demonstrate how to shoot a small-caliber rifle. The second option is to take it online by going to Utah’s DWR website to find the approved online course. Finish the course and then print your proof of completion document so that you can get your Registration Certificate for $10 dollars. The certificate is needed for the field day portion of the course. The field day lasts five hours and will include practical scenarios, a final written test and a live-fire shooting exercise.