Sometimes it takes members of the community to identify a need and step up to help. The BTA bus system has many stops throughout Vernal but not many of them have benches, a fact that the man behind a new bench initiative began to notice more and more after a one-stop ride on the bus with his little girl. In order to help his daughter Haydn collect a stamp as part of the Uintah County summer passport program, Bobby Oostveen found himself waiting at a BTA bus stop when his daughter pointed out something he hadn’t thought much about before. Those waiting for the bus had nowhere to sit, well unless you want to sit in the dirt or on the curb. Their actual bus ride was quick but in the days and weeks that followed, Oostveen couldn’t forget his daughter’s observation and began noticing those that he saw waiting for the bus. “On one particular day,” shares Oostveen, “I drove by Walgreens and saw an older gentleman sitting on the curb, feet hanging out into the road, holding nothing but a little prescription bag. It was the final straw. I knew I needed to help where I could…” Oostveen decided to reach out to the Vernal community using Facebook and was overwhelmed by the response, with offers of funding, labor, and support. Now, many, many months later, 18 custom dinosaur themed benches are being installed at BTA stops throughout Vernal thanks to donations of funds, time, labor, material, and much more. It’s a shining example of the difference that can be made through resident led initiatives! Well done to all involved!

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