Monarch butterflies are thought to be named after King William III of England, his secondary title being Prince of Orange. The butterflies have wings that get to 3.5 to 4.0 inches wide. Surprisingly they have a flight pattern described as “slow and sailing” and fly at 5.5 mph. Dinosaur National Monument held a Monarch Habitat Hike and Tagging Workshop on Saturday and it was a rousing success. 50 visitors showed up to help. Twenty-six monarchs were tagged which included a mating pair. Also caught was a monarch that was tagged 2.5 weeks ago at Josie’s Cabin. To top it all off there was one new Monarch Waystation dedicated. If you enjoy watching Monarch butterflies, your observations could be used in an international effort to understand and protect these gorgeous butterflies. If you are interested in helping, go to the Dinosaur National Monument Facebook page.