It is a common thought among drivers that pushing through tiredness is just part of the driving experience. Unfortunately, nothing could be further then the truth. Data from the Department of Public Safety states that lack of sleep mimics someone who has alcohol in their blood. If you are going 18 hours without sleep it is like having a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.05%. 21 hours without sleep is like being at the legal limit of 0.08%. 24 hours without sleep is at 0.10%. The stats for 2016 paint a very vivid picture of what drowsy driving does. There were 1,271 motor vehicle crashes involving drowsy drivers which equals almost 2% of all motor crashes in Utah. 63% percent of the accidents happen between 12 am and 6am with June and July being spikes to the average of drowsy driving crashes. Sadly, 55% of the crashes involve drowsy drivers under the age of 30. To be safe, get adequate sleep, adults need 7-9 hours and teens need 8.5-9.5. Be sure to schedule proper breaks, that means every 100 miles or 2 hours during long trips. It is helpful to arrange for a travel companion, someone to talk with and share the driving. Do not use alcohol or sedating medications. Sleep smart, drive smart.