The Daggett County Commission shared several updates in their monthly newsletter. The Commissioners announced that Daggett County’s Uintah Basin Medical Center location is back to full speed open Monday through Thursday and a dentist will be coming two days a month starting in January. They also offered their thanks and praise to Rick and Mandy Slaugh as well as Syndee Johnson for running the Sub for Santa effort. They have accomplished this huge yearly effort since the 1990’s and this is their final year of service running the program. Those that may be interested in helping with the effort starting in 2020 are encouraged to contact Daggett County for the details. As a matter of business, the Daggett County Commission shared that they are amending the Short-Term Rental Ordinance in order to make it more user friendly. “We invite short-term rentals and encourage this public advertising of our wonderful area,” shares the Commissioners. For more information on Daggett County matters, visit