One of the new members of the Craig City Council is facing felony charges after being arrested during an undercover predator sting operation in Jefferson County, Colorado. According to the Arrest Affidavit, 48-year-old Brian Paul Mackenzie was arrested on October 11th for the crimes of Internet Luring of a Child, Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child, and Criminal Attempt Sexual Assault on a Child. The day before, an undercover officer posted a picture on a social media site posing as an underage female named “Kylie”. A user, later identified as Brian Paul Mackenzie, sent an unsolicited message to the undercover officer, starting a conversation that began with him saying he was 30-years-old and “Kylie” indicating that she was 14-years-old. The correspondence listed in the Arrest Affidavit show Mackenzie’s questioning and responses focused on when he and the supposed teen could meet up for sex. They agreed to meet at an address in Littleton, Colorado, which he understood to be the girl’s home address at 10am the next day when he understood she would be home alone. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Investigators conducted surveillance on the address and at 10:17am Mackenzie arrived and identified himself by name when asked and he was taken into custody. The iPhone recovered from Mackenzie’s car was the phone number that had been corresponding with the undercover officer. After being read his rights, Mackenzie said he did not think he was speaking with a 14-year-old and that he came to tell her she should not be talking to people online. He was transported to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility where he was booked on the felony charges.